Surgical Malpractice

Going into any surgery creates worry to patients and their families. Medical personnel add to this worry by making patients’ sign forms that make you believe the medical staff cannot be held responsible for errors. This is not the truth.

Medical professionals involved in surgery lead patients to believe that the surgeon and hospital staff possess excellent skill. You pay as a result of this belief and expect the medical staff to help you – not hurt you. Unfortunately, there is still negligent performance during surgeries, failures to recognize complications during the surgery and, most offensively, foreign objects left inside the patient.

Due to the laws in Massachusetts that create barriers to medical malpractice, it is important to call DAVEYLawOffices immediately so we can begin working with you on your case.

DAVEYLawOffices handle all surgical error cases on a contingency basis. This means DAVEYLawOffices will not receive a penny until your case is settled. We will advance costs for the investigation in building your case.

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