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Birth and Pregnancy Injuries

Birth and Pregnancy injuries may be the most devastating claim in medical malpractice. At a time when parents should be spending time with their newborn, they are forced to combat hospitals, doctors and medical staff for answers, plus find time to tend to their newborn’s injuries.

Let DAVEYLawOffices take over the fight with the medical groups and allow you to spend time with your newborn. Just contact us and we’ll help. You trusted and paid for a medical staff that was supposed to help your newborn into the world.

Birth and Pregnancy injuries include birth defects caused by negligence during pregnancy, such as ultrasounds, amniocentesis, errors in prenatal care and medications.

The most common injuries occur during childbirth. Cerebral Palsy may result from a medical professional failure to monitor vital signs and effects on the fetal heart. Erb’s Palsy injuries may result from improper delivery causing tearing to the nerves known as brachial plexus. Birthing injuries may also result from misuse of foreceps and other medical tools causing bruising and cephalohematoma.

Even after childbirth, medical staff is held to legal duty to monitor and treat complications. Such complications as Group-B Strep and Kernicterus from untreated Jaundice are avoidable by a skilled and properly staffed medical team.

DAVEYLawOffices handle all birth injury cases on a contingency basis. This means DAVEYLawOffices will not receive a penny until your case is settled. We will advance costs for the investigation in building your case.

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