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Other Motor Vehicle Related Accidents

The area of auto accident claims is vast. Many accidents are very particular and do not fit within the standard auto accident categories. These include:
- ATV and 4-Wheeler Accidents
- Blown Out Tires
- Construction Zone Accidents
- Driver and Passenger Injuries
- Intoxicated Drivers
- Passenger Van Accidents
- Scooter and Moped Accidents
- SUV Rollovers
- Teen Driver Accidents
- Texting /Cell Phone Use while Driving
- Tractor Trailer Truck and Delivery Truck Accidents
- Overloaded Trucks and Debris Accidents

DAVEYLawOffices is very interested in the above listed cases due to the unique and intellectually stimulating casework involved. Please contact us immediately for a free consultation if you were involved in any of the above accidents as we’d love to hear your story. In the event that your case involves complexities outside of our practice scope we will gladly refer you to an experienced legal specialist in the field or bring in a seasoned attorney in the field to assist us at no extra cost to you.

DAVEYLawOffices handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means DAVEYLawOffices will not receive a penny unless your case is successful. We will advance costs for the investigation in building your case.

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