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Sexual Assault

DAVEYLawOffices understands the delicacy of pursuing a sexual assault civil claim. We know that you have endured a traumatic experience and understand the strength required to revisit the ordeal with us. We also respect your strength at deciding to hold the accuser accountable to YOU and not just the criminal court.

In pursuing your claim, we will not force you to do anything you do not feel comfortable with, including facing the defendant or being forced to testify in open court.

We strongly suggest that you contact DAVEYLawOffices for a free consultation so you may explain your story to us one-on-one. We understand that suffering a sexual assault may leave a person very traumatized and we will do everything in our power to help you feel comfortable, including visiting you at your location.

Remember, the criminal courts represent the government – WE REPRESENT YOU!

DAVEYLawOffices handle all assault, battery and emotional distress cases on a contingency basis. This means DAVEYLawOffices will not receive a penny unless your case is successful. We will advance costs for the investigation in building your case.

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Contact DAVEYLawOffices’ Assault, Battery and Emotional Distress Department by email: A.B.ED@daveylawoffices.com

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